The 20th century saw a tendency towards a ‘new global society’. This is apparent, not only due to the pervasive technological progress, but also due to the eradication of physical borders between people. This is true in a variety of ways. Many ethnic minorities saw the opportunity to migrate to and to integrate into Western countries, of which the reasons are plentiful, such as the phenomenon of the asylum seeker, for financial reasons or merely to find a more prosperous living circumstance.
In their country of destination migration laws often reach their restrictions. The asylum policies in Europe are getting more strict and custom controls are getting sharper. Asylum procedures often take a painstakingly long time and our laws do not respond to social and living conditions during these waiting periods. The selection procedure allows only for a small minority to finally enter and to find residency, while expulsion increases. For those who choose to stay (illegally) after being denied the right to stay, the most basic human and social needs, not to mention the basic human rights, are seriously undermined.
Due to a lack of information and a mostly negative approach towards those ‘invisible’ members of society, the collective debate of the asylum seekers and their political rights is tainted with negative preconceptions. The marginalization of those temporary nomads has caused a grey image to surface, and does not coincide the rich image we associate with the beauty and richness of other cultures. You could argue that , as a society, we have taken up a hypocrite stance.
On the one hand, we please our desires when we taste the beauty of strange cultures and exotic places as tourists, when, on the other side, we look down upon the people from these same countries as they ask for help and shelter in our own countries.
The term ‘illegal person’ means that rights are taken away, ‘without rights’ or that the person becomes non-existent. In other words, a human being is exiled from society in the eyes of the law. 
But how can a human be invisible? How can a person not exist? When the government decides that a person is illegal, it doesn’t mean that he or she stops with living.
Illegal Beauty attempts to open up the discussion with this question through art and cultural activities.