Illegal Beauty is a creative concept that originated through a collaboration between social engagement, artists and designers. Illegal Beauty wants to stimulate a large audience with art and culture and to pose questions about the rights of ‘people without papers’. Illegal Beauty looks at the people behind the illegal immigrants and, above all, demonstrates their potential contribution and beauty. Art and culture are containers to formulate questions for the public in a more attractive and positive way. This will open up the discussion and, in the long run, will provide potential credibility for ‘people without papers’.

In this way, Illegal Beauty is essentially a quality label, a code where diverse cultural products can be created. The products that will carry the label are made with a certain philosophy and contain the same articulate message. Illegal Beauty invites designers and artists to contribute their vision and interpretations in three points of interests: - Body, as a direct visualisation of our identity, - Public space, as the urban meeting point of identities - Language as communication tool in between identities.