IB wants to stimulate a larger public by posing questions and delivering cultural products around political migration issues. The message of IB is therefore quite low-key and simple: "illegal people" are ordinary people like you and me. They often are connoted as “poor, miserable”. Illegal Beauty doesn't agree with this style – It is not its (IB) aim to directly solve peoples' problems, but to show the ridiculous of an “illegal” human status in contemporary life. It is Illegal Beauty's aim to start discussion about “human illegality” in a regular, dignifying position, where a contribution of cultural diversity for society can be discussed: how does this improves our city, our daily life and cultural wealth.

The message is not about political demands. Rather, it entails such things as power, freedom, equality and beauty; about the persons behind the people without papers. The primary aim is to pose questions, to open up the discussion. The wider picture is to create a better social understanding and to show the beauty and positive potential of interaction between cultures.

Obviously it is up to the participants in their own projects to figure out the extent they wish to link the political demands to their message. The IB-emphasis, however, lies in the inquiring into the inner power of ones skills, knowledge, dreams.